Cancellation Policy

At VR Webs, we understand that circumstances may arise that require the cancellation of our services. We strive to accommodate our clients while also ensuring the efficiency of our operations. Therefore, we have established the following Cancellation Policy:

1. Cancellation by Client

If a client wishes to cancel a project after it has commenced, they must provide written notice to VR Webs. Depending on the stage of the project and the work already completed, a cancellation fee may apply. This fee will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will cover any costs incurred by VR Webs up to the point of cancellation.

2. Cancellation by VR Webs

In rare circumstances, VR Webs may need to cancel a project due to unforeseen circumstances, such as technical limitations or resource constraints. In such cases, clients will be notified promptly, and any payments made will be refunded in part or full.

3. Refunds

Refunds for cancelled projects will be processed within a reasonable timeframe, typically within 30 days of receiving the cancellation notice. Any refunds issued will be minus any applicable cancellation fees.

4. Termination of Services

VR Webs reserves the right to terminate services with a client if there is a breach of contract or failure to adhere to our Terms and Conditions. In such cases, any outstanding fees will still be payable by the client.

We strive to maintain transparency and fairness in our cancellation procedures. If you have any questions or concerns about our Cancellation Policy, please contact us at Vasantsinh Rajput on

Effective Date: 01 April, 2024